Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SQL Saturday Oklahoma City - Power Map Presentation

Thanks to everyone that attended my 3D Geospatial Visualization Using Power Map session at SQL Saturday Oklahoma City 2013. I actually ended up giving the session on Friday evening and on Saturday. The Power Pivot pre-con ended an hour early on Friday, so I did a full run-through of the session to a few people from the pre-con who weren't going to be able to attend my Saturday session for various reasons. I then gave the official presentation on Saturday.

One of my favorite demos involved analyzing visitor count data of the various D.C. Smithsonian museums. I had audience members announce their favorite Smithsonian museums, and then we analyzed 2010 - 2012 visitor data. On Friday, everyone said Air and Space Museum. On Saturday I heard, Hirshorn Museum then Museum of Natural History and then finally Air and Space. We then went on to create a Power Map tour that showed another museum overtaking Air and Space in 2012.

My slides are available here.

A video of how to do the U.S. Tourist Attraction demo is available here.

A video of the Power Map tour from the Smithsonian demo is available here.

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