Monday, January 12, 2015

Intro to HiveQL

Tonight I had the opportunity to share some of what I've learned about Big Data at the OKCSQL user group with an Introduction to HiveQL presentation.

My slides are available here.

Here's some background on why I got together the presentation:

Even with all the attention Big Data has been getting over the past few years, I had been finding it difficult to find a quick explanation of Hadoop at a very high level and a way to easily get started. Oftentimes presenters would start out with a slide showing what seemed like 20+ Hadoop components. Other times I heard about Hadoop, it seemed like you needed to know Linux and Java. I, also, once heard it recommended that I get a laptop with certain specs. Such a laptop would have been $3,000+. Getting started can be so much simpler and cheaper, though. I started out using a laptop from 2010 and running the Hortonworks Sandbox, which has a Hadoop implementation you can access. Hortonworks has some great tutorials that can get you started. If you're looking to get started learning Hadoop, this can be a great starting place.