Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oklahoma City SQL Server Developers Group

There's been talk in recent years of getting an Oklahoma City SQL Server Developers user group started in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. If you live in the area and are interested in more information about the group, please, e-mail sqlokc at gmail dot com. I'm working with some others to get this group started.

ProClarity Dashboard 6.2 and Firefox, Cube could not be found error

I've still got users that are quite happy using either ProClarity Desktop Professional or ProClarity Dashboard Server 6.2 as their reporting tool for SSAS 2005 cubes. For those still using ProClarity Desktop and ProClarity Dashboard as reporting tools, I thought I'd post a few things that I've learned over the past few months.

One item I learned, is that ProClarity Dashboard 6.2 does not work with some if not all versions of Firefox.

I was on the phone with a user who was getting the below message in their web browser:

"The selected page could not be opened because the cube could not be found. Please choose a different page."

The error message suggested that the cube was either not available to anyone or that the user's security was not setup properly. Thus, I checked both the user's cube and ProClarity Dashboard security. The user's security appeared to be setup properly in both cases.

I then checked the ProClarity Event Log on the server holding the ProClarity Dashboard. There was an error with a description like the one below:

"Information. Accessing page NameOfPage ....
from book NameOfBook ..."

Since, the Dashboard page was accessible to others, this message wasn't, especially, useful.

After all this research, I went down to the user's pod to see how she was accessing the ProClarity Dashboard and saw that she was using Firefox. I had her switch to IE, and then the ProClarity Dashboard started working for her.

I have been unable to find official documentation as to whether or not Firefox is supported with ProClarity Dashboard Server 6.2, however, from my experience Firefox does not work well with this product.

FYI...There are a variety of other possible causes for a "Cube could not be found" error in the ProClarity Dashboard. Many are documented at the ProClarity Team Blog.