Thursday, April 25, 2013

North American SQL Saturdays in GeoFlow

I was asked earlier this week to break out my US SQL Saturdays GeoFlow chart by year. While I was at it, I added in the 5 events from Canada and Mexico. The results are below.

North American SQL Saturdays through April 2013

GeoFlow Tour VIDEO here

I thought this GeoFlow tour would be a good chance to show off various GeoFlow themes and chart types.

Zoom In on Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana with a different theme

Contiguous United States and Canada with Bubble Chart

Dataset Excerpt (blue fields were used by the GeoFlow Tour)

I had fun putting together these charts for Karla Landrum. During this process, however, I did run into some issues with GeoFlow.

GeoFlow Issue Encountered

I added the Event Type by Year and Country fields to my Excel table in order to do the breakdown by year and to include Canada and Mexico. Unfortunately, the GeoFlow tour was not acknowledging Country as a possible field to select as a geography field. Closing Excel and re-opening did not solve this problem. Trying to create a new GeoFlow Tour within the Excel spreadsheet did not work either. My solution ended up being to copy/paste the entire table into a brand new spreadsheet and create a new GeoFlow Tour. At that point Country became available as a Geography field.

Minus these kinds of issues, I've been enjoying working with GeoFlow. I would welcome the opportunity to hear your GeoFlow questions or hear about your GeoFlow experiences in the comments section.

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