Thursday, October 29, 2009

Microsoft BI Introduction Videos

We've been very fortunate to have a great start to the OKC SQL Server Developers Group this year. We started in April and have been averaging 25 attendees per monthly meeting.

With family obligations and other time constraits, some developers just don't have the time opportunity to attend developer groups and/or technical conferences. I've found great benefit to attending meetings in person, but am aware that many can't take advantage of these opportunities.

Fortunately, we have been meeting a the OKC Coworking Collaborative that has been video taping our meetings. I personally, find the videos to be of pretty good quality with respect to both sound and video. Below are links to two presentations given by Mike Hotek the 18th SQL Server MVP. Currently, additional videos are available via links on the OKC SQL Server Developers Group website.

  • Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services 2008 by Mike Hotek (May 2009)

  • Introduction to SQL Server 2008 Data Mining by Mike Hotek (June 2009)
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    Unknown said...

    Thanks for posting these links. I found several of the videos interesting :)